It is the aim of the Railways of Germany Forum to provide free-access to exchange information for those who model German railways.

As the majority of forum members are modellers, the intention is to share information and concepts that allows you to achieve a modelling outcome using the information that has been posted on the forum.

We will try and group the various topics into something sensible, which will allow a comparison of techniques. In this way, someone unsure of which route to take can make a decision based on pictures, methods and your available facilities, abilities and time. It will also provide a useful method of identifying somebody who may be able to help with a specific enquiry.

It will however, rely heavily on you, the users of this forum, to share your experiences and knowledge. It is hoped that some of you will choose to make such posts within your own workbench but don't be surprised if it ends up linked from this area. We would also add, please consider posting your results, even if they aren't exactly what you had hoped to achieve. Partly because that will become a good basis for discussions of what could be done to get it closer to what you wish, but also that your 'not quite happy with it' result, may be exactly what someone else wants to achieve on another subject.

The eventual aim is to be able to present links that encompass all aspects of building a German model railway, from concept to fruition by way of gladly sharing the information within the forum's community.

David Ingram-Seal, Alan Rees, Michael Cogar, Bill Jones and Tim Hale

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