We want to encourage open and honest debate about modelling German railways and the sharing of techniques.

Whilst it is always healthy not to let one's hobby become one's life, and good sense not to confuse the two, if you are passionate about your railway modelling, then you may have firmly held views over what is right for you. Someone else may be equally passionate about what is right for them. There is no problem with this, (indeed if you are not passionate about modelling German railways, what are you doing on here?) but please remember that some basic ground rules will make life easier for everyone. Discussion may be lively at times due to this passion, and go off topic (due to people being human) so don't whinge or gripe about it. Complaining to the Management Team won't help, because it's quite possible one of them started it in the first place.

Try and remember that not everyone is as eloquent as you. They may appear, to you, to be grumpy and forthright and even downright pig-headed, but to themselves be a model of calm and rational thought. Please, therefore, try to read carefully the words they have written, for although not as sweet as your own, they may have more than a kernel of truth in them which you will otherwise miss. This is a hobby, so if you feel wound up about something, step back from the keyboard, count to ten and if you still haven't calmed down go and do something else - but don't stew on it. By the time you come back, if the post was rude or inflammatory, then cudgels will have been raised on your behalf either by the Management Team. If this hasn't happened, maybe you have taken the other person's viewpoint more personally than they intended, so relax and focus on the facts.

Plus some people on here are not as talented as you. Please bear in mind that they may well be still learning, and yet to scale your accomplished heights of achievement. Do not denigrate their efforts as unworthy, rather focus on the good bits and then find an area where it is obvious that a little effort will bring a big reward when you share with them one of your many prized techniques.

Not everyone is as well versed in copyright laws as you, so please bear in mind that published material can usually be shared between individuals for the purposes of making models, but not shared in public for all to see, but if in doubt, don't do it.

Not everyone has an opinion as important as you have about other people's modelling, so maybe instead of posting messages saying, "Great", or "Me-too", send a PM (private message). Besides, you will make many more friends this way.

Simply, we wish there to be a guiding principle of respect. This means respect for other users, respect for their modelling, and respect for any legal implications of your activities.

The Management Team would prefer a light-touch approach, relying on peer group pressure for the most part, but will get involved if they really have to. Depending on severity and frequency of transgressions of respect, sanctions may involve moderation of your posts (they will be approved as and when a passing member of the Management Team feels like it) and banning. We would rather not have to do this, but if we have to, we will. We will act with particular rapidity to post-count whoring, without bothering with moderation.

This means we are asking you all to, politely, ask people who post without adding to the sum of knowledge to refrain from so-doing, if they wouldn't mind - they have, after all, agreed not to do this by signing up.

Finally, try to maintain a good sense of humour; if you haven't seen the humour in the above, then you might not be in the right place.

And do try to live adventurously. One should try everything in life bar folk-dancing and incest. Since these two are not on the agenda for this forum, try some of the techniques you see demonstrated - and tell us how it went, too.