It would be greatly appreciated if you could make a small contribution to the forum provider so that we can continue to enjoy "Gold" ad free status.

You may follow this link for instructions:

This contribution is of course voluntary. Should you decide to make a payment then it will go to Crowdgather who provide the hosting platform for yuku. Their service can either be paid for through advertising or through contributions. This means that if the contributions expire then lots of ads will appear again.   (see )

The management team do not receive any part of this contribution. We perform our duties free of charge because we enjoy this hobby.

As a guideline, if at least 12 members would pay only $6, we would have enough for 12 months ad free status.

We are aware that you can use an ad blocker. However, if we all used an ad blocker, and made no contributions, then there would be no revenue for Crowdgather. The terms and conditions state that you agree not to use this site if you  "use ad blocking software or similar built-in web browser options designed to hide, block or prevent the proper display of online advertising (if any) while using the Sites"

If you choose to contribute then we are sure that almost all the members will appreciate it.

David, Michael and Alan
The Management team