I've been looking for a Minitrix Rheingold set (early Epoch IV) Cat.No.15860 which apparently consists of:

1 TEE-Großraumwagen Apümh, 
2 TEE-Abteilwagen Avümh, 
1 TEE-Aussichtswagen ADümh 
1 TEE-Speisewagen WRümh 

Using the cat.Nos.15860-01 through to 15860-05

Having had no luck so far with the set, however I did find a Red/Beige coach with the Cat.No. 15860-04 online.

Thinking that one is better than none I ordered it at quite a reasonable price. It arrived in two days flat!

Noticing the ribbed roof, not present on the 15860-04 in the Rheingold set, I thought at first that a Roco Eurofima 1st class coach had been packed in the wrong box.

However, the coach, that I had received, was definitely an open saloon, with pictograms and MD52 bogies as opposed to the Rheingold stock MD50s.

I checked the lettering with a jeweller's glass, this coach was no Eurofima compartment coach but a Apmz123. Introduced in 1985 I believe, about ten years too late for my early Epoch IV period.

I did a check on line for 15860-04 and it does indeed come up with a Apmz123.

My point: I believe that Minitrix used the same Cat.No. for two different coaches. I thought I'd ordered something like the Avümz111 Cat.No.15545-03 or Cat.No.15545-01 in my Cat.No. 15545 IC180 set.

I have no complaint against the seller, the description was correct and the contents matched the box.

I saw what I wanted to see when I ordered the coach. I'll keep the Apmz123 anyway, run it in the TEE rake occasionally and see if I get any comments.

I'm still looking for the 15860 set and even some of the Arnold TEE coaches from 1997 if I can find them.

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