Starting this new forum was relatively easy. Unlike the WRF, we are not providing the site which it runs on , but simply using a free service.  Many other groups are sharing this service, so there is a good chance that the site will be well maintained. However, the risk of using such a free service is that it could disappear. In case the worst should happen, we could simply start a new forum with a new provider, but all the previous discussion will be lost. Our efforts so far do not compare with the mammoth task which John Oxlade and Neil Rutherford accomplished, by converting the old WRF forum to the new format, and most recently, moving to a new host. This is something we cannot do, because we neither own the site, nor the database.

We understood that you wanted a separate forum for discussing the railways of Germany. So here it is. I hope our efforts will be regarded as constructive. I also hope that the WRF will benefit by becoming more balanced, i.e. no longer heavily dominated by German fans.

I should like to thank John Oxlade for creating the original German Railways forum, which ultimately lead to this new branch line. We have benefitted from his experience.


Paul Eaton wrote

I am grateful that this forum emerged once it became clear that WRF was moving away from its excellent early focus on the German scene to becoming a chat forum for anything to do with railways worldwide; hence the information on German railways became diluted.

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