We welcome all those with an interest in the Railways of Germany who would like to join this forum.

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Our one and only request is that you do not use pseudonyms or abbreviated names on the forum. We regret that usernames which do not follow this guideline will not be approved.  Please, register your first and last names, e.g. 'John Smith', as a username.

The procedure to join both yuku and this forum is as follows:

1.  Firstly join yuku via the SIGN UP button at the top of this page. As already stated, your username should be your first and last name (initials or extra characters can be added if necessary to avoid a duplicate name). After you have entered the registration form, yuku will send you an email to validate your account. Clicking on the validation link in this email will complete your membership of yuku but you will still only have read only access to this forum. You will now be able to login and out of yuku and access your profile and private messages (inbox).

2. You can now request to join this Railways of Germany forum by simply making an attempt to post (a reply or a new topic) on the forum. You will then be asked to apply for membership of this forum. Here you simply enter a short message so that it is obvious to us that you have a genuine interest in the Railways of Germany.  On receipt of this message an administrator will either approve or deny your request. You will receive notification of approval (or otherwise) via a private message in your yuku inbox.  If all goes well, you can then participate in this forum. Please introduce yourself to your fellow members by starting a new topic in the Introductions section.

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Please be patient until your membership is approved, because sometimes we are out enjoying railways too.

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